It’s great to have ample power, but it’s also critical that you can safely put the power to the ground and how the car handles on the road. It used to be the case that suspension choices were either “motorboat” spongey or rock-hard and jarring. Today, performance suspensions can give you supercar handling and be smooth and comfortable at the same time.  So how do you go about updating your suspension to support a high-performance vehicle? When you’re considering performance suspension upgrades, following are some important considerations: 


One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your car to settle down and really hug the turns is by installing performance sway bars. The genius of sway bars is that they serve to transfer weight and balance the tension from a wheel under heavy load more evenly across the width of a car in motion. When there is movement or force in one wheel, it is transferred to the corresponding wheel for an even ride. This also keeps the vehicle from feeling like a “boat” or “squishy” when making turns. Importantly, sway bars also assist in controlling understeer and oversteer. Understeering occurs when your front wheels don’t have enough traction to take the car through the turn and oversteering is when your back wheels lose traction before your front wheels. This can be altered for better performance by putting the appropriate stiffness on the sway bars. Bottom line, if you want your car to handle in turns, talk to us about installing sway bars to help you through the turns. 


Camber is the angle at which the wheel and tire stand in relation to the road. Negative camber is typically ideal for performance driving as it keeps your tires upright and from turning outward when cornering. Having the proper balance of positive and negative camber for your vehicle will also help in conjunction with sway bars with oversteering and understeering. The team at Forge Speed are experts at performance alignment and suspension turning.  


The center of gravity is the balancing point of a car and what the entire suspension is designed around. Essentially, the lower the center of gravity – getting the car closer to the ground – means less weight to “tip” the car, particularly during performance driving. Your lower center of gravity means there is less dramatic weight transfer when driving, which allows the tires to retain their traction better. 

The goal of a performance suspension is to help transfer the car’s weight as it moves in the most efficient way possible, allowing maximum grip and control at each tire at all times. Most performance cars today have independent front suspensions (IFS), with independent rear suspension being less common but equally important for performance driving. Importantly, regardless of what your car was born with, we can install a complete suspension, front and rear, or we can upgrade the front or rear independently. It is preferable to have independent front and rear suspension in high-performance vehicles so to adjust your car’s front and rear roll centers, and reduce performance-robbing weight transfer. For instance, keeping your car planted, sharp, yet nimble while cornering on a track helps to improve race times. We are experts at understanding body roll and vehicle dynamics and can ensure your car can handle like it’s on rails, regardless of year, make or model. 


As key foundation pieces to your suspension system, sport springs and shocks can help you boost your suspension system’s performance. Coil springs, or “coil overs” are a popular type of spring for performance vehicles as they provide more movement within the suspension and make the effects of aggressive turning, braking, and accelerating less intense to the driver. Coil springs are accompanied by shocks, which help dissipate extra movement and bounce, which make a car handle much better, but also allows a car to stop in a shorter amount of time. Shocks also put constant, downward pressure on the wheels to better support your vehicle’s weight. All of our suspension systems help us tailor how the car will react to certain conditions, a critical asset for daily drivers and performance-focused vehicles, and everything in-between. 


When building a high-performance vehicle, it is essential to upgrade your suspension system to keep your car stable and secure while driving at higher speeds. Great suspension systems can dramatically improve the handling characteristics of any vehicle. In addition, they also provide the custom, lowered, and impressive stance of any vehicle, so it looks as well as it handles. The custom car and truck builders at ForgeSpeed have extensive expertise with the complexities of a well-balanced and high-performance suspension systems. To ensure you’re getting the best possible looks and performance for your vehicle, call us today.

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